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Two questions [Mar. 25th, 2003|05:59 pm]
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sandy, mother/employee, is off in Mexico this week so I got the job of running to the PO Box and processing check payments.

It got me thinking about payment related items....

Would those of you who prefer to pay by check/money order/cash be interested in getting a self-address envelope mailed to you a couple weeks before your expiration date, complete with renewal order number? All you'd have to do is include payment and a stamp? I figure the cost of two envelopes and a stamp is approximately the same as our credit card processing fees, and if it'd make it easier on you, why not?

Poll #116855 Renewal Envelopes

If you pay by postal mail, would you like an automatic renewal order/envelope sent to you a couple weeks before your account expires?


(Comments also invited)

Second question: Anybody experiencing problems with automatic renewal emails coming too late or not at all? We've had a few random complaints, but I'm not sure how big the problem is.


(and sorry this isn't a more interesting post... but whitaker starts his full-time LiveJournal internship in a week, and then we'll have double manpower on the hackin' front....)

[User Picture]From: cirobi
2003-03-26 04:59 am (UTC)

i didn't even bother reading the entire list of other comments because i started seeing a trend. i voted yes to the mailed envelope idea because, call me crazy, but i have a system for when bills come in to be paid and renewals come in as well. i haven't had to deal with early/late renewal emails for LJ since i just started my paid account last summer... but it seems obvious to me by the comments that what people are sayin is that email is less reliable. i work in an IT department... i've seen email servers just eat emails like they were at a buffet. sure a letter can get lost in the mail, but in most cases it gets where it needs to be more reliably. i think the snail mail renewal notice idea is a great one, especially for folks like myself who refuse to use paypal or credit cards.
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