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What's up.... [Aug. 26th, 2001|02:29 pm]
Paid Members


Now that things have settled a bit I'm feeling unstressed & awake enough to let you guys know what's been up.

-- site was getting slower & slower

-- revjim did a lot of work to make site use database slaves more often. basically we have to go through each query and decide if it's critical that it runs against the master database.

-- we worked on a ton of other code (all on our development servers)

-- idiots started to complain that all the changes we'd been making weren't helping. Um, yean... that's because we develop on test servers, not on the main site.

-- I turned off new account creation yesterday to stop growth while we worked on things.

-- site got worse. (master database was overloaded)

-- we gave in and decided to update the site with the new code. there were tons of little problem.

-- now, slave dbs were the busy ones. this is good, especially since we have 2 more on the way, due to arrive on the 1st.

-- we made one of the existing 4 db slaves be a paid member only one, and it seems to be doing good now. (this was a half hour ago)

From here, we're making more code be multi-db aware and we're waiting patiently for the new servers to arrive. We also ordered another 3 gb of memory for various machines, and we're going to be rebuilding the existing db slaves with a new configuration once we have the new ones installed to take up the slack.

Anyway, here's another 10 days of free time.

Just wanted to let you all know that we didn't forget about you ... the guilt of knowing paid members are getting screwed is what keeps us up until 8am in the morning.

[User Picture]From: tangletoy
2001-08-27 10:58 am (UTC)
This post makes a few good points. Take it for what you will.
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[User Picture]From: brit_will
2001-08-29 08:47 am (UTC)
the person who wrote that linked post has disabled commenting to anyone thats not her friend so i cant respond there.

go back to the beginning. livejournal is a hobby. it is not, and never was intended to be a business. it does not exist to provide top-notch customer service. they won't lick your boots and grovel to you people unless they have done something very stupid indeed.

people who have donated (ahem, read, that word again, donated) money should not turn round and expect everything to work now now now.
i dont like this attitude of "i paid, therefore i have a say". if you dont accept before you pay that paying does NOT give you permission to grumble, then dont pay. just walk away. paid or unpaid, the people at the top are not bound to provide for you, or treat you as anything more than "one of the masses". do you think AOL gives a shit about each and every one of its 25 million members worldwide? i think not. and their jobs ARE depending on it. brad has no commercial obligations....

if you insist of suggesting/criticising call it what you will, just take a step back before you do. livejournal, by its very nature, makes people think the world is all about "me me me". but the world isn't. chances are anything you have noticed/thought about, so has someone else already. when 1000 people email brad and say "do this" or "this isnt working", he may respond politely the 10 first times. but after that, the natural reaction is to get sick of it.

if you think there is even the slightest chance that what you have to say may already have been said, then don't bother. because the more people hassle the admins, the closer they come to just throwing in the towel and walking away. they havent done anything to deserve the abuse they get served. perhaps they wrote a broken line of code somewhere. perhaps they took half an hour to eat their dinner instead of fixing something the minute they found out about it. so WHAT, thats their prerogative.

if brad used the word "idiots". it probably means people were asking stupid questions. this is why there are FAQ's galore, the status.livejournal.com page, the 500 error message page, and the lj_maintenance livejournal. so you dont need to ask stupid questions. if you then still _do_ then you risk being called an idiot.

and when brad calls you an idiot. is that the end of the world? everything that gets posted here gets blown so out of proportion. you've still got food to eat that night, you've still got a bed to sleep in, and a job to go to the next morning. just walk away, lay off and everyone will get along...
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