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Statistics for Paid Accounts

Statistics are here!

You can now see the number of people who have visited your journal, your individual entries, a chart of comments, readers of the RSS feed of your journal, and the last 100 logged-in users who have visited your journal directly (if you've enabled My Guests).

Things you should know:
-Stats are completely anonymous (only My Guests is tied to username); only numbers are recorded, not any other information
-The times and dates in the graph are based on server time, which is UTC/GMT
-The light grey number at the top left corner of the graph is the statistical outlier
-While the graph may go back in time to this summer, the stats-gathering server was not on constantly, so previous stats may be missing. Today, and going forward, full stats are collected and displayed.
-If you opt out of My Guests (meaning that your username will not show up on other people's reports and you will not be able to view your My Guests tab), it does not affect your use of the rest of the Stats - if you're a Paid or Permanent user, you'll still be able to see all the rest of the information on this feature

Here is a detailed walk through of the pages you'll see:

Where to find your Stats

Go to Journal -> My Stats
Horizon menu drop-down
(in Vertigo, it's right there in the sidebar)

Here's how to read each of the tabs, in order:


You'll see some numbers at the top - here is how they work:
pic of numbers at top

Page views — think of this as a hitcounter. It includes every time someone can see your journal or entries, including on their Friends page, someone else viewing the Friends page of one of your friends. A new "hit" is recorded every time your Journal or entries are looked at (so if someone visits their friends page multiple times during the day, for instance, a new "hit" is recorded for each time they do so). It also includes *your* pagehits to your entries or journal.

All visitors — for this statistic, multiple views by the same visitor are discounted. Since it's based on unique cookie, however, if someone visits from two different computers (such as from home and from work), it will still count them twice.

LJ users — this number is counted based on individual LiveJournal usernames.

The first graph you are presented with is "Total traffic" (which includes views on friends pages) - if you want to see only direct views to your journal and direct views on your entries, click over to the "Journal only" tab (which records users who view your journal, direct views of your entries, and users viewing your profile).
pic of journal-only tab


This records all comments left in your journal, *not* including your own.


This graph includes all friending activity. When users friend you, when you friend another user, or when you join or leave a community. To see the usernames and the activity performed, click on the number above the column.
pic of friending activity

My Guests

(available to all users, not just Paid/Perm)
This is a list of the last 100 logged-in users to directly visit your journal, one of your entries directly, or your profile. Users who have opted out of My Guests will be shown as "Invisible guest". My Guests won't show every visit from a particular user, only the most recent one. So if someone looked at your journal six hours ago and also one hour ago, only the visit one hour ago will be shown.
pic of My Guests tab


Your most recent entry will be shown by default, but you can switch to any of your last 10 entries or enter the URL of any previous entry by using the options below the most recent entry stats.

pic of entry stats

On entry's page and across LJ are pretty self-explanatory; direct entry-view is under on entry's page and across LJ is all views of your entry, including on Friends pages and on your direct journal-view.

Entry views — this tab includes all views of your entry, including direct views, on Friends pages, etc. Each time someone "hits" or views the entry is counted separately, so an additional "hit" would be recorded if someone clicked on an lj-cut, went to a comment thread and clicked "Link" or "Expand", or opened a comment reply box to comment. A new "hit" or "view" is also counted when the same person views their Friends page, your journal, or your entry again.

All visitors — this is the same as the "Journal" page; it contains the same information as the "Entry views" page, but limits the count by unique cookie.

LJ users - also the same as above; it limits it to unique LiveJournal users (by username).

RSS Readers

This counts the number of times your journal's RSS feed was requested. If you're not sure what that means, you may want to read this FAQ. This doesn't count the number of readers, just the number of times your RSS feed was requested - that information could be different depending on the service used.
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