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$10 coupon for your friends! [Dec. 16th, 2009|02:59 pm]
Paid Members


If you have a Paid or Permanent account, you can now send 10 of your non-Paid friends a $10 coupon. Your friend will be able to purchase a Paid Account for $9.95 (instead of $19.95) for one year by enrolling in our automatic payment plan or make a manual payment of $15 (instead of $25).

  • All Paid and Permanent accounts can send out the coupons by clicking here (it's also under Friends -> Holiday promotion in the site header)
  • You can also send to people not on your Friends list by manually entering the username in the field provided
  • If your friend declines the invitation, it will be returned to your available invitation pool and you'll be able to send to someone else
  • You can send the invitations until January 15th

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[User Picture]From: mhaithaca
2009-12-17 06:29 pm (UTC)

A friend wonders whether his Basic account, which is old enough to be "grandfathered" without ads, would revert to that status if he upgraded to a Paid account using this offer and then let it expire. If he'd lose that grandfathering, he's not interested.
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[User Picture]From: foxfirefey
2009-12-17 07:07 pm (UTC)
No, the paid account will revert to the level it was at before he was paid! All users can still downgrade to Basic; LiveJournal shows ads on Basic journals to logged out users now instead of making it so new accounts cannot use Basic.
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[User Picture]From: uncle_asa
2009-12-17 06:57 pm (UTC)
Didn't working for me. Just nothing happens. Tried from Chrome and MSIE.
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[User Picture]From: blueocean80
2009-12-17 07:00 pm (UTC)
Ok, so I was sending out mine, but it only set out 4 out of 9. I even added notes and all and no matter how many more times I refresh the page and/or resend the coupons, they don't seem to go through? Or they go and they don't show on my page? Which is which?

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[User Picture]From: baroness
2009-12-17 07:02 pm (UTC)
This is quite stupid to be honest, I think holiday promotion should be something every member of LJ could enjoy of.
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[User Picture]From: yueshi
2009-12-17 07:55 pm (UTC)
second that!
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[User Picture]From: missvex
2009-12-17 07:37 pm (UTC)
lol, coupon "sended", really? I sended my friends coupons?

*bows head*
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[User Picture]From: ovoretherainbow
2009-12-17 08:03 pm (UTC)
Because after all, shitty promotions to attract new customers are totally more important than retaining loyal customers! And what's more in the holiday spirit than a cheapass coupon that the people most likely to actually use can't?
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[User Picture]From: tatjna
2009-12-17 08:42 pm (UTC)
Hi, thanks for this. I was a bit "Oh lame" but it seems a few of my friends are interested in the discount, so it's coming in useful. Or, it would be..

I don't seem to be able to actually send any. Despite having sent offers to 2 people, I'm still getting this:

Current balance

You've sent 0 holiday coupons.
You have 10 coupons left to send.

Huh, LJ?
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[User Picture]From: blueocean80
2009-12-17 08:55 pm (UTC)

er, what?

Not to be nitpicky, but are you guys aware that if the "giftees" get their coupons, or rather, if the coupon actually gets sent, the note you attach show up in every giftee's comment in its subject line? 0_o Or am I the only one who's seen this?
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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
From: activist_prawn
2009-12-17 09:32 pm (UTC)
Because it's greedy to want to give an actual gift (see:) to a friend, which would actually involve still paying money to Livejournal, versus....what this is?

Let me grab a definition for gift for you. What Livejournal had was not a huge freebie either, but it was fair. Asking for a business model that worked earlier and included almost all levels of account to participate is not greedy, particularly since Lj benefited from it/

Let me grab a definition for gift for you.

1. something given voluntarily without payment in return, as to show favor toward someone, honor an occasion, or make a gesture of assistance; present.
2. the act of giving.
3. something bestowed or acquired without any particular effort by the recipient or without its being earned: Those extra points he got in the game were a total gift.

This offer is in no way a gift you can give to friends. It requires the recipient to pay for it, rather than the gift giver taking responsibility. It is a cheap ploy by livejournal to have us be marketing mules. The "give more" option allowed the gift giver earlier to pay for it fully (note that LJ still gets money, they definitely benefit), give out to other levels and allowed people to also use it on themselves if they want.

Let me ask you, would you consider cutting out a coupon from a newspaper and just giving that to your friend's or family for a gift? Because I can't think of anywhere where that would be acceptable. I see no reason why anyone should be thankful for this.

Please stop and actually use some critical thinking skills before you post. Your ignorance is showing.
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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: mangatenshi
2009-12-17 09:12 pm (UTC)
I sent one and now I am trying to send another but it is not working at all.
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[User Picture]From: soul4poetry
2009-12-17 10:37 pm (UTC)
my friend accidently hit "decline" and she didn't mean to. It has been sent back to me but I can't resend to her. How do I fix this? :(
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[User Picture]From: peiyu
2009-12-18 09:38 am (UTC)
If it doesn't work out I can send one to her. I have many other paid friends who would share theirs around anyway.
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[User Picture]From: annetangent
2009-12-17 10:50 pm (UTC)
1: It's a promotion, people, not a GIFT. Promotions are about business, not freebies.
2: You aren't entitled to a gift just for being paid members.
3: I love the spirit of people complaining that this is stupid because they want gifts for themselves. That's the holiday spirit, guys!
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From: activist_prawn
2009-12-17 11:14 pm (UTC)
I'm wondering why you think that people here are asking for LJ to just give them paid time for free as a "gift"? (I certainly don't see that anywhere). As promotions go, versus the Give More one, this is a pretty tacky one.

I agree with point 2. I don't agree with people acting like they should get a gift in return for giving one (wtf?) or just because they're paid members. I thought the act of gift giving was...giving? Not expecting something in return. LJ doesn't need to just give you freebies. However, if they want to do a successful promotion, you don't do this either.

3. Kind of agree. Your point seems pretty generalized. I don't think everyone who has complained about this coupon business are doing so because they got blocked on buying it for themselves... but those that do focus on that end (themselves) look whiny and a bit entitled.

But if you decide you want to give a gift to a friend or family, do you just funnel a coupon to them and expect them to foot the rest of the difference, rather than going to a store yourself and buying it yourself for them? Because that's pretty tacky and not really a gift at that point.

I don't know about you, but I didn't know a gift entailed the receiver paying for it.
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[User Picture]From: bonoffee
2009-12-17 11:01 pm (UTC)
Hey, sorry if this has already been dealt with, but if I have more than one coupon, can I buy a paid account with two, therefore meaning I don't have to pay anything? Or is it one coupon per transaction? And can I buy userpics with a coupon or is it only for paid accounts? taaaa.
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[User Picture]From: foxfirefey
2009-12-17 11:22 pm (UTC)
No, one coupon per person, and it's only good for one year of paid account.
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From: tawarwaith
2009-12-18 12:37 am (UTC)
thank you! what a nice idea :D
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[User Picture]From: raleighcook
2009-12-18 09:40 am (UTC)
Oops sorry! I saw the answer to mine question.
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