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Additions and improvements for Paid Feature [Nov. 12th, 2009|02:11 pm]
Paid Members



We've made some additions and improvements to Notes!

The Notes feature has been added to two action-taking pages:
  • You can now add a Note directly on the Add a friend page - handy if you'd like to mark down where you met them or another name you know them by!
  • On the Ban and unban users page (under Account -> Privacy) you can now add a Note, including to a group of users all banned at the same time (so that next year you won't need to ask yourself "hey, why did I ban these guys?")

Other changes:
  • When you're viewing your existing Notes they're grayed out; click in a field to activate it to change the text (this page can be found from the header by using Profile -> Manage Notes)
  • Changes to editing:
    • When you're going to create a new Note but one already exists, you'll get a warning that you're editing an existing Note
    • You can now delete a note from the "Edit note" pop-up in the hover menu
    • You can now delete notes for multiple selected users on the Manage notes page
    • When you change Notes on "Ban|unban users" page, they can be edited and saved with "Save Changes" button

[User Picture]From: ladynadiad
2009-11-13 01:27 pm (UTC)

Re: an oversight by livejournal - ?

Actually, I've seen it on a few places. For instance if you read threads on a journal or community that is paid, you get the expand feature whether your own journal is paid or not.

I actually see the logic behind it. The notes feature is paid only because it takes space to store the notes and that needs something to back it. So why allow notes on a community that is not paid even if all the maintainers are paid? The maintainers themselves can make notes on their accounts, but not the community.

Also another feature that acts like that is the mass action on posts. Can't do that on a community that isn't paid even if you are.

Now, if LJ will wish to correct this or not is another story. It has logic as it is now, but is it fair to paid members that they cannot access certain features while doing things on a community that is not paid? Not really, but at the same time do we want to risk more problems being created to fix the problem when having the community itself be paid would be more useful as far as notes are concerned (because the notes would be shared across all maintainers it seems, not just on the one who has the paid journal).
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