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Give More and Permanent Account Sale [Nov. 25th, 2008|03:40 pm]
Paid Members


Hi! This is a quick entry to let you know that LiveJournal will soon be running some of its regular (and not so regular) holiday promotions.
  • Give More. The Give More promotion runs for the entire month of December and it makes your holiday gift of paid time for someone else a little extra special. Not only does the recipient get paid time, they also receive a free userpic upgrade for the same duration of the gifted paid time. If you give someone a year's paid time, for example, they'll also get the userpic upgrade for that year as well. So, the more you give, the more they get. Give to a friend, a soon-to-be-friend, or even surprise someone at random with a bit of holiday cheer.

  • Permanent Account Sale. Would you like to have your Paid Account for life, enjoying all those great features (and more) forever without having to worry about payments ever again? Well, then the Permanent Account Sale is for you! Starting on December 4, we're once again offering the opportunity to buy Permanent Accounts—in additional to all the features of paid accounts, these accounts will include increased storage (from 10 to 15GB) and more userpics (increased from 100 to 150 + up to 44 loyalty userpics). This time around the sale is just for personal journals. If you've been thinking about it or have missed our sales in the past, don't hesitate—the sale only lasts a week and who knows when the next one will be? Act now to make your LiveJournal eternal.

Thanks! Oh, and remember: If you buy a Permanent Account, you can transfer your remaining paid time and userpics to any other LiveJournal user you choose, so that existing paid time won't go to waste.

[User Picture]From: vicar
2008-11-26 12:09 am (UTC)
That's where I fall out - with facebook and myspace eating up...well mostly illerate stupid people, but honestly that is the majority - it's a pretty big risk to think that eljay will still be big in 10 years. That's not even wondering if my friends still use eljay in 10 years...
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[User Picture]From: thedeli
2008-11-26 12:45 am (UTC)
Not sure LJ can be called 'big' anymore anyway. Retention rate is looking down, the new sign-up rate has been dropping for some time. Traffic has steadily declined the last two quarters.

Killing Basic accounts didn't help. Very poor customer relations in general. Also, it seems that many subscribers have ultimately come to consider LJ passé, and have moved to more "mature" blogging formats. Etc.

Keep in mind that the company has changed hands twice in only a few years.

The best question to ask now would be: is there going to be a livejournal in a decade?
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[User Picture]From: digital_coma
2008-11-26 06:35 am (UTC)
consider also the fact that permanent accounts could be suspended and deleted by the abuse team as well as the basic ones
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[User Picture]From: thedeli
2008-11-26 06:06 pm (UTC)
^ And that.
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