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Scheduled Maintenance Alert [Feb. 14th, 2008|10:51 am]
Paid Members


[Current Mood |working]

We are performing scheduled maintenance to our automatic payment system beginning today: Thursday, February 14, 2008.

Due to the nature of this maintenance, sign ups and updates to the automatic payment system have been temporarily disabled. You can continue to renew or add paid accounts using Manual Payments.

If your scheduled payment date occurs during this time, your paid time or add-on time will not expire, and your payment will be processed after the maintenance is complete. If you need to turn off automatic payments during this period, please contact the Billing area of Support for assistance.

We don't anticipate this maintenance to last longer than a few days; however, we will alert you as soon as it's completed via another post to paidmembers .

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

[User Picture]From: imc
2008-02-14 09:28 pm (UTC)
We are performing scheduled maintenance to our automatic payment system beginning today

And therefore you are required to verify your account by clicking on this dodgy link and entering your username, password, date of birth and mother's maiden name…
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[User Picture]From: aeddie
2008-02-14 09:33 pm (UTC)
Don't forget your SSN, credit card number and banking information.
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[User Picture]From: qfemale
2008-02-14 09:53 pm (UTC)
Yet another thing that only works for users in the US.. how typical!

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[User Picture]From: fallen_wiccan
2008-02-14 10:19 pm (UTC)
they can add NI to that list and include the uk peeps but who wants to ID theft us, oh wait, apparently a lot of people!
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[User Picture]From: syntheticjesso
2008-02-15 12:41 am (UTC)

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