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This Time It's Permanent [Jun. 19th, 2007|03:30 pm]
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Hey everyone. I wanted to give you a quick heads up that we just announced details of the Permanent Account sale in news. Click over to read all the details! There's also a related post in lj_biz.

[User Picture]From: missmurchison
2007-06-20 04:25 pm (UTC)
Yep. I wonder how many of us turned off automatic repay as a result and if 6A is bothering to analyze that and changes in renewals?

I want to stay here because I like my FL, but I'd like to see the new TOS and get some other assurances before I even bother renewing as a paid account. There's no way I'm going to shell out for a perm at this point.
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[User Picture]From: gillo
2007-06-20 07:03 pm (UTC)
Fancy seeing you here. ;-)

I'm not in a snit or anything, but I just don't feel the way things have been going with LJ over the last eighteen months, say, that I can be confident that I'll still want to be around here in five years' time plus. If I'm proved wrong, fine. Just too many instances of inept (non)communication and knee-jerk brainless reactions for me to be wholly comfortable committing that sort of sum.

I have no current intention of walking out in a huff, because I really like my f-list too, and it would be harder to reconstitute it anywhere else (though I have about half of them friended on GJ already and expect many of the rest would move there in the event of another moronic kerfuffle).

I don't suppose TPTB pay the slightest attention to conversations here, though, and they may not even notice how many automatic repayments have been switched off for some while - my next payment, thanks to generous friends, is not for nearly a year, for example. And lord knows what crackbrained tricks they'll have pulled by then.
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