July 14th, 2010

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SMS and you

Back in October of 2006, we announced TXTLJ, a Paid Account feature that let you post to your journal via text message and also get notifications via SMS/text if you want.

The number of people who use TxtLJ has fallen through the past several years. Also, the feature has only been available to to U.S. mobile users using certain providers. We'd like to find out how you use your mobile phone or device so we can identify an alternative that works for more of you.

So, keep in mind that we have posting by email (which works with some carriers' SMS), a plethora of mobile apps (and a few more coming later this year!), and all that jazz. And now, on to our questions!

Poll #1592353 SMS and you

I currently use TxtLJ

a lot

I use TxtLJ mostly for

updating my journal
getting comment or post notifications when I'm away from a computer

I don't use TxtLJ because

I'm not in the U.S.
my mobile carrier isn't supported by TxtLJ
I really don't need SMS notifications and I don't want to/need to update my journal via SMS

Instead of TxtLJ, I wish LiveJournal had this SMS or mobile service: