September 21st, 2009

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Earn Extra Cash with Your Journal!

As many of you may have alraedy seen, LiveJournal announced the Your Journal - Your Money feature today in news. This feature allows you to link your Paid or Permanent LiveJournal account to a Google AdSense account to display ads on your journal. You keep all of the proceeds from the display of these ads once Google takes their cut; LiveJournal does not keep any portion of the generated revenue.

Now, before getting into any of the technical details at all, let's cover the most important point right up front:  this feature is completely opt-in. If you choose not to use Your Journal - Your Money, nothing will change about your LiveJournal experience. You will never see any ads from this program on LiveJournal while you are logged in. Only those users who use this feature will see these ads.

So, those of you who know you'd never be interested in using Your Journal - Your Money can skip the rest of this post if you like and continue on down your Friends page. For those that want to know more, dive behind the cut for all the details.

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