March 22nd, 2006

Announcing LiveJournal’s “Loyalty Userpics” Program

Just a reminder that if you've ever had a paid account, you may have extra userpics waiting for you when you renew it. We’ve just launched a "Loyalty Userpic" Program which allows you to earn extra userpics for your paid account time.

Whether or not you've been a paid account forever or you just signed up, from now on you'll earn 1 Loyalty Userpic for every 3 months of paid account time and 1 Loyalty Userpic for every consecutive year of paid time. This means when you purchase a 12 month paid account you will automatically earn 5 Loyalty Userpics!

If your paid account time has lapsed, renew it soon and we’ll also credit you with all the loyalty userpics you’ve earned with your past paid account time. This retroactive offer expires at midnight GMT on April 14, 2006. Renew your account now.

See the latest news post or read the FAQ for more information.