December 15th, 2005

Extra storage space changes

As announced in news, we've both increased the amount of storage space on all paid and permanent accounts as well as changed how the extra storage space add-on is setup.

The storage space add-on no longer has the options of 250MB, 500 MB or 1024 MB. Instead, there is now only one add-on option of 10 GB. That is almost 10-40x more space than we offered before. Additionally, we have lowered the prices from $10-$100 to $3-$24! Users who currently have the storage space add-on should receive an email later today about how their account has been affected.

The new storage space add-on prices for 10GB are as follows:

1 month: $3
2 months: $5
6 months: $15
12 months: $24

We're very excited about ScrapBook photo hosting and are adding new things all the time. Enjoy!