July 7th, 2004

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Paid Time Reimbursement Offer

If you bought a 6 or 12 month paid account between 2004-06-30 & 2004-07-07 and your payment has cleared, you'll have until 2004-07-20 to claim your 2 months of free time. You're still eligible even if you paid with a check or money order, as long as you placed your order between 2004-06-06 & 2004-07-07 and your payment clears by 2004-07-20.

Orders must be placed before midnight tonight (Update: GMT). Alternatively, the 2 week reimbursement option will remain available until 2004-07-20.

This only applies to paid users who had paid time between 2004-06-01 & 2004-06-30, even if it has expired.