April 17th, 2001


I just wanted to thank all you paid members again. I just ordered a bunch of new hardware for LiveJournal, in addition to the two new webservers we got installed this last week.

It's so nice to have money in the bank account and to be able to afford new servers.

So yeah --- just wanted to say thanks for making LJ's continued success possible. Not everybody is ever going to pay, but we shouldn't expect them all to... nor can we boot out the people that aren't paying.

LJ is interesting because there are so many different people using it.... including people without money to pay, or that just don't feel like paying. Don't bug people that don't pay ... it's their choice.

That said, however, I'm going to continue to do everything I can to give people incentives to get a paid account.

The last few weeks have been pretty boring for new LiveJournal features, but there's a lot going on behind the scenes... we're working on making LiveJournal a lot faster and more reliable, and documenting a lot more of the source, so other people can help work on it.

Yeah, I'm rambling again. I'm done. :-)