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beta testing: toll-free voice posting [Jan. 26th, 2007|05:34 pm]
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Earlier today we'd found that our voice post phone numbers weren't accepting calls. We're working with our provider to get the problem fixed as soon as we can. In the meantime, hachi rushed to finish setting up a different method of voice posting. We've managed to get a toll-free number for voice posts!

We've been working on this for a while, so while we weren't expecting to have this ready for today, we figured that we might as well try. In particular, it hasn't been stressed under load -- there may be some bumps along the way. So with that in mind, please feel free to set up voice posting if you haven't done so already, and then call 1-888-840-6189 to make a voice post from anywhere in the continental United States. :)

(Unfortunately, if you aren't in the US, you won't be able to use this number. We're still looking for a good international provider -- if you have one you'd like to suggest, please let us know!)

EDIT: This is now our primary voiceposting number -- the existing numbers have proven to be incredibly unreliable, so we're migrating to just this number. Update your contacts lists!

EDIT EDIT: We'll be working on getting alternate numbers, for all of you who've commented saying that this one doesn't work for you (for whatever reason). Keep an eye on news :)

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[User Picture]From: seanchai85
2007-03-11 05:14 pm (UTC)
so yea just tried to voice post and it tells me to record after tone, gives the tone and then jumps to the next menu and won't let me record at all.
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[User Picture]From: door
2007-03-12 01:13 am (UTC)
Same here.
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[User Picture]From: angel_benton
2007-03-12 02:50 am (UTC)
I voice posted last night and it still hasn't posted to my blog yet.
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From: rowdyamerican
2007-03-12 05:01 pm (UTC)

Information From LJ Staff

I've read all the comments that there are to read on this subject, and I can't understand why we haven't heard anything from LiveJournal staff.

If they care, they need to tell us what's happening, and make an effort to fix these problems.
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[User Picture]From: clefurgey
2007-03-13 04:14 am (UTC)
I completley agree. I'm a plus user, I upgraded specifically so I could voicepost.
I wasn't really willing to pay long distance charges, so the idea of a tole-free number really appealed to me. And now it doesn't even work for all of us in canada? that's just crap, sorry, but it's true.
All of the people who are plus users, who upgraded specifically so they could voicepost, and live outside the states, are now screwed. I'm considering going back to a basic account until this gets fixed. When they ask why, i'll say because the reason I updated doesn't work.
Please. get. a. number. for. people. outside. of. the. US!.
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[User Picture]From: codestothestars
2007-03-14 01:54 am (UTC)
the number you have dialed is not available in your area at this time.

and hasn't been since it was put up. so when WILL it be available? jesus christ.
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[User Picture]From: myami
2007-03-14 06:08 am (UTC)
Just when I was thinking of actually making my Paid account worth the money I paid it...

This blows alright. I have free long distance to anywhere in US & Canada with Shaw, but the toll-"free" number renders it completely useless. Damn it.
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[User Picture]From: babyasoftwaregr
2007-03-15 07:57 pm (UTC)


How about Telstra for my country, Australia.
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[User Picture]From: not_purrrfect
2007-03-15 11:40 pm (UTC)

WTF ???

I have tried the old numbers I have tried this new number and goddamnit! WTF It says Ive reached my Limit! What?

I haven even done a voice post yet in 2007.

What gives??
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[User Picture]From: thought_ribbons
2007-03-15 11:56 pm (UTC)
I think LJ needs to give us non-usa'ers a refund! One of the main reasons I have a paid account is to use voice post numbers, now with only the ONE!! TOLL-FREE USA!! number only! Why should I pay for a feature that I can't use?????????????????????????????????
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[User Picture]From: dwlikeebeinlost
2007-03-16 12:01 pm (UTC)
I have just been informed that I am invalid and told "goodbye"...



dw-- is not an invalid neither!
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[User Picture]From: thekeevster
2007-03-17 04:43 am (UTC)
So, I'm mos. def. not the only one with this problem, but I enter my passcode and hit pound... and then am told that my entry was invalid and cut off.
Am I missing something?
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: dolliedream
2007-03-17 11:42 am (UTC)

thank you

burr86 wooow this is soo genius i love this feature this is kewl!now i can post anywhere i am with my friends everything! thanx soo much
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[User Picture]From: london_fox
2007-03-18 03:40 am (UTC)
Continental US... So need a number that will work for Alaska. It truly sucks paying for stuff in Alaska, sucks even more that not even my internet out reach won't even work in Alaska. LJ peeps... fix it -.- I didn't mind calling a Washington line.
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[User Picture]From: tytal
2007-03-18 06:52 am (UTC)

In case anyone is monitoring the replies:

In the UK, 0800 numbers (along with 0800 and 0808) are toll-free and can usually be obtained via British Telecom. That said, most mobile carriers still charge a toll to call them, but not for land lines to call. In Ireland it's 1800 prefixes and those are usually obtained via Eircom and BT Ireland.

As to Mexico, the dialing code is 01-800, but I'll be buggered if I can remember who has reliable service there after everything went private. I usually bite the bullet and roam on my mobile service from the states.

The US-based number worked just fine for me. Thankfully I checked the News line after three failed attempts. Thanks for fixing this for at least your US-based customers for now. I'm sure you'll have it back and running for others soon enough. *May want to allow them some kind of interruption of service credit if they're a frequent voice poster just to appease them. Or not, your choice.*
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[User Picture]From: tytal
2007-03-18 06:53 am (UTC)

Re: In case anyone is monitoring the replies:

(along with 0800 and 0808) Should have read (along with 0500 and 0808). Sorry about that.
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[User Picture]From: your_downfall
2007-03-18 09:45 am (UTC)
I'm pretty disappointed. I live in Canada, and I pay the same price for my paid account each month, and I can't use any numbers. I'm seriously doubting I'll be renewing my account when it expires, because the paid features just aren't worth the money, at least for international users.
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[User Picture]From: your_downfall
2007-03-18 09:47 am (UTC)
Sorry, meant to say...

pay the same price for my paid account each month as USA users

And also, meant to add...

I agree with the comment above. I think we're entitled to some money back, here.
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