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Paying employees [Apr. 19th, 2001|12:53 am]
Paid Members


You probably already heard that LJ is going to start paying a few of us, but if not--- read this.

[User Picture]From: darksoul
2001-04-19 06:18 am (UTC)

i'm all for helping to fund the three of you for all the hard work that you do here on LJ. As it is, I intend to keep my account paid as long as LJ is about, and hopefully will scrounge up the cash to pay for my community as well, but that'll have to wait for a little while longer. until that point, i'm glad to know that my measely $25 (which i would've just wasted on something stupid and pointless anyway) is going to something worthwhile. keep it up guys, you're an inspiration.
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