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Chef Subcluster 8 Paid Time Reimbursement [Jul. 10th, 2004|04:29 pm]
Paid Members


If you haven't been following lj_maintenance (recent maintenance announcements), we're offering another reimbursement for users who have been affected by the most recent Chef cluster moves:

...we'd like to apologize to users on Chef subcluster 8. For those users on this cluster with paid accounts, we would also like to offer you a one month extension of paid account time. If you have been affected by these problems, you can claim a free month of paid time here:


The claim tool will work for the next week [Correction: 2004-07-10 - 2004-07-17]. If you have friends who were affected and don't read this journal, let them know. If your account has expired in the last 2 days, you can buy a new one, then claim your extension when your paid account is active.

For this to apply you must:
  • Be a paid user when you use the reimbursement page
  • Be on Chef subcluster 8
  • Not be suspended, deleted, etc

From: joshyjosh
2004-07-12 07:46 am (UTC)
its not that they need to, or have to give it out to everyone or anything, its just that i dont see why they should only give the help out to people willing to read through thier boring news updates.

and i perfectally understand how Livejournal is for profit, and cares more about the bottom line than anything eles.

its just i wish they werent
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[User Picture]From: christine
2004-07-12 10:01 am (UTC)
Whatever... some people wouldn't be happy if Brad personally delivered a month of free time to their doorstep.

The point is entirely that they're doing more than they have to. 99% of people affected by affected by this error will either have been understanding of the issue, or will have forgotten about it by the time they renew their paid accounts, and would have continued paying anyway. Some people were so impressed by the communication in these "boring" news updates, that they vouched to get paid accounts themselves.

So if anything, giving away free account time isn't a damage control effort to salvage their bottom line. They might have done better to just leave well enough alone. If you want to chalk it up to them only caring about their bottom line, so be it. But that isn't what their actions are saying.

Personally, I think that them giving out free paid account time is stupid- it's setting a precedent, where every time there is a fuckup, people are going to expect paid time extensions. I'm sure the LJ staff are enough business oriented to realize that risk, and it's a risk they decided to take.

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