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Chef Subcluster 8 Paid Time Reimbursement [Jul. 10th, 2004|04:29 pm]
Paid Members


If you haven't been following lj_maintenance (recent maintenance announcements), we're offering another reimbursement for users who have been affected by the most recent Chef cluster moves:

...we'd like to apologize to users on Chef subcluster 8. For those users on this cluster with paid accounts, we would also like to offer you a one month extension of paid account time. If you have been affected by these problems, you can claim a free month of paid time here:


The claim tool will work for the next week [Correction: 2004-07-10 - 2004-07-17]. If you have friends who were affected and don't read this journal, let them know. If your account has expired in the last 2 days, you can buy a new one, then claim your extension when your paid account is active.

For this to apply you must:
  • Be a paid user when you use the reimbursement page
  • Be on Chef subcluster 8
  • Not be suspended, deleted, etc

[User Picture]From: barbthebrazen
2004-07-10 10:44 pm (UTC)
Thanks very much for the free month. I really appreciate it. I'm still having issues though...

Little things here and there. I still don't have any of my comments from yesterday showing up on my journal. And for some reason the layout isn't displaying the journal entry on the reply to page and was earlier. Some times it doesn't display my home page link. And sometimes it decides not to show the name of my journal.

Not a complaint but I'm halting work on customization of my journal until you guys get the situation straightened out. I don't want to lose any of the new stuff I'm fixing to do.

I understand you guys are working very hard to correct the situation I just thought you should be aware of some of the quirks still showing up.
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